Upgrading Your Kitchen Floors

Upgrading your kitchen is often one of the most financially beneficial improvements that can be done to a home. There are many reasons why one might choose to upgrade their kitchen. If one is choosing to sell their home then any improvements made within the kitchen are shown to be the most profitable. If one is choosing to remain in their own home then perhaps the kitchen has become outdated or it has simply become too worn. Kitchen floors are often the first elements within a kitchen that show signs of wear. If you are choosing to sell your home then an outdated or worn floor can often distract potential home buyers away from the more positive aspects of the home and décor.

When choosing a new floor one must consider many things. First, the homeowner should be confident in the style of replacement flooring that they wish to obtain. This can an important decision for the homeowner to make as it can affect the whole décor of the kitchen. There are a vast array of flooring styles and types that one can choose from when doing a kitchen remodeling project. The two primary options that homeowners consider when replacing a kitchen floor are tile or hardwood floors.

One of the most popular flooring options for your kitchen is undoubtedly tile flooring. Tile flooring comes in a wide array of colors and textures which is designed to suit any kitchen decor. Some people find that hiring a professional tile installation expert is quite helpful although tile flooring installation is certainly a do-it-yourself project which can be done by homeowners. If one chooses to replace the tile flooring themselves then a simple trip to the local big box hardware store will be all that is necessary to get the supplies for replacing the flooring. Some essential supplies that one would need when installing a new tile floor in their kitchen are a trowel, spacers, sponges and tile mortar. As with any installation it is imperative that the kitchen floor be measured accurately and check with a level to ensure that the replacement floor will be even. In most instances, once one has chosen the particular style of tile that best suits their kitchen décor installation is fairly simple. If the flooring that is going to be replaced has sagging or is uneven in some areas then the installation can be difficult. However, if the floor is simply outdated or worn then the installation of the tile flooring should be quite unproblematic. Most tile can be simply installed over existing laminate flooring without much difficulty.

Hardwood flooring in the kitchen is a relatively modern option. Most people who choose to have hardwood flooring in their kitchens are continuing the hardwood flooring trend that they have throughout the rest of their home. Hardwood laminate flooring comes in many colors and varieties designed to suit each and every kitchen decor. There are three main styles of hardwood flooring that one may choose from: strip, plank and parquet. The strip and plank versions of hardwood flooring are relatively simple to install. These varieties of flooring have a tongue and groove method in which they simply snap and lock together. However, parquet flooring is much more complicated to put together and requires a great deal of skill. Parquet flooring is made up of little strips of wood that are placed together to form a spectacular geometric pattern on the floor. It is often best to leave parquet flooring to a professional as it is very time consuming and can become frustrating unless very well planned out beforehand. As with any hardwood floor installation one must be sure that adequate padding is installed underneath the laminate flooring.

If one chooses to complete a kitchen remodeling project without any assistance from a professional floor installation specialist then one must consider the difficulty of the project at hand. Many people continue to choose to do it themselves at home simply to save some money. Choosing flooring options for your kitchen can be a very personal decision when one is remodeling. In many instances one can be quite successful when installing new tile or hardwood flooring in their home. As long as there has been adequate planning and measurements before one begins to install the new flooring the installation often can be completed without any difficulties. As always it is best to plan and research the specific flooring options that would be best for one’s home before beginning a kitchen remodeling project. As we all know, upgrading a kitchen will benefit not only you, since you are the one that gets to enjoy it, but will also benefit you when you are ready to sell you home.

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