The Island Kitchen Adds Beauty To Any Kitchen

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Today many homes have the kitchen island that is of great assistance when cooking, particularly when there will be a large group to be entertained. Other homeowners are lucky as they might have the opportunity to build the kitchen island of their dreams in their new home.

Perhaps one of the most important starting points is to determine the size of island to be built. Generally these can be anywhere from 24 inches long to as long as desired. Standard islands are usually 24 to 48 inches deep. The standard height is 34 1/2 inches.

Once the size has been established it is time to determine the various components needed for the island. Most islands include a sink. An addition of a sink might require checking with local ordinances as plumbing will be involved. Sinks offer a huge selection. They can be purchased in stainless steel, copper, fire clay, as well as other finishes. A sink should be selected so that it blends in with the island as well as the entire kitchen. They are available in different colors as well as single or double bowls. Sinks are also available in different shapes and sizes. All of these factors need to be considered when planning for the kitchen island.  But if you don’t want to incur a significant cost, just get an island without a sink.  My kitchen isn’t large enough to justify 2 sinks, although it would be really cool.

Another major decision will need to be made to determine if a range hood will be added. While sinks come in a large variety they do not have anything over the large number of range hoods. Most island range hoods will be suspended from the ceiling bracing. Once it has been selected and installed it will most likely be the center of attention for both the kitchen and the island. Each side of the hood will be finished since each side will be visible. The selection ranges from modern to classic. They are available in stainless steel, copper, brass, or a nice wood or steel with a powder-coat finish which allows for a range of colors. Most likely a person will want to match the sink with the hood. Therefore, if selecting a stainless steel sink a person will probably want to also have a stainless steel hood. They are also available in a variety of sizes as well as an assortment of dimensions.

Another consideration is the lighting for the kitchen island. What is selected for lighting will depend on the other lighting available in the kitchen, the mood a person wants to create, and how a person wishes to blend the lighting with the other components. If the island will be used for nearly all meal preparation than a brighter light with less shadow will fill the needs. If you plan to use the island basically as a breakfast bar then the selection of a more ambient light is a good choice. When choosing the lighting the best choice will be pendant lights and I think they add a little extra interior design style opportunity to your kitchen. Depending on the size and shape of the island, pendant lights are available to meet most any design style. Anyone cooking needs strong lighting in order to make certain the food is prepared properly. trust me on this one.  My kitchen lighting wasn’t up to par and I made a big mistake on several new menus I was trying because I thought the measurement said something different than what I used.   Multiple pendants offer a fantastic distribution of illumination over the cooking area but I feel are really best over an island or a eating bar area.  Add a dimmer switch to the lighting for ambient light when you are done cooking etc in the kitchen.  I just had that done and what a difference.  Even my daughter said that the kitchen now looked like one of those designer kitchens.  Normally she doesn’t pay attention.

You might decide to install new floor tiles after adding the kitchen island. Some of the more popular floor tiles include glass, porcelain, and ceramic. Selecting the right tile will add a great element to your kitchen area. Like many of the other mentioned items, floor tiles are also available in a variety of colors, sizes, and materials. For a spectacular kitchen a person might consider covering the kitchen island with the same type of tile. If not the same tile then the home owner might want to select another tile that offers a great blend. Another consideration is the fact that tiles are not only limited to floors and islands, they are also used on walls, as a backslash as well as the counter tops. Although I prefer a solid surface for my countertop since I don’t want to stain the grout lines etc.

The kitchen offers everyone the opportunity to explore color, shapes, styles and then create a beautiful piece of kitchen furniture especially when you design your kitchen island.  There are many kitchen islands that look like furniture available online, such as the ones listed here.  I think it makes a beautiful contrast in your kitchen and definitely updates your kitchen decor. My personal favorite is the black kitchen island with the granite countertop.  Of course I think a stainless steel kitchen island is kinda cool too, makes me think I’m are real chef instead of a wanna be.   I hope to order one  of these soon as it should provide a nice contrast in my kitchen.

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