Tackling Your Small Kitchen Remodeling Project

Small KitchenNot everyone’s home is designed to fit a large kitchen that can seat a dozen people; some homes come smaller. There is nothing wrong with a small layout, as long as you can provide functional and cleaver storage ideas. Finding the right experts who handle Kitchen remodeling in NJ will help you feel happier and comfortable in your kitchen space.

Designing Around Your Kitchen Limitations

With a small kitchen, space is limited. The ability to create space horizontally may also be limited; instead you may want to think about designs that allow you to stack up and use your vertical space in an appealing way. When space is tight you have to make the most out of every nook and cranny. Consider something like a pull out cabinet spice rack. This fits in seamlessly with your cabinets and takes advantage of unused space. This also has the bonus element of allowing you to see all the spices in an organized manner, instead of having to fish around for them in a pantry. Having a small kitchen designed just the right way can create an easy to navigate place to enjoy. You can also add a pull out pantry to save space and clutter from over taking your kitchen. Stacking your modern appliances will also help you to maximize your space.

Tips to Improve Your Space

Although open shelving is a another great alternative to create a more open feel, you have to keep in mind that you will probably be dusting and washing your dishes a lot more than you ever have before. Whites and light colors are usually a great go to color when you are trying to make your kitchen space feel larger. Dark colors and dramatic patterns tend to emphasize that your kitchen is smaller than it probably is. If your kitchen comes with a window, try and play up this piece because it will add great natural lighting to your space and create an illusion that your kitchen space is roomy. Keep your kitchen accessories to a minimum. Look for chairs that don’t have arms, this will allow for an easy way for you and your family to get in and out of tight spaces

Finding the Right Kitchen Layout

Having a U shaped kitchen design can help create efficiency where space is limited. Although this design may not be for everyone it can be set up by having your essentials for cooking and cleaning close by and perhaps having the refrigerator some distance away. Other popular design layouts for a small kitchen are one wall, galley, and L-shaped. Small kitchens focus on functionality and less on effectively using all of your space in a way that benefits you. When it comes to a small kitchen, clutter is definitely the enemy and something that you probably have to tackle and control on a daily or weekly basis. Remodeling your small kitchen into a functional and beautiful place that laughs in the face of clutter is something that an expert can help you with. Finding the right team to handle your kitchen remodeling in NJ is important. You want to make sure the contractor you hire is not only licensed and insured, but can also provide you with samples of kitchen remodels that they have previously done. The last thing you want to do is hire a framing contractor to do your kitchen remodel; you’ll likely end up frustrated with the process and the finished look.

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