Small Kitchen Design Ideas

The kitchen can be considered to be the most important part of your home. The amount of time that you spend in the kitchen, you may not perhaps spend in any other area of the house and while you are entertaining with your friends this is also an area that becomes a very important part of your home décor.

Space plays a very important role in the kitchen, and if you are not lucky enough to have a large space, there are a few things like lighting, appliances and storage solutions which will make your kitchen look elegant, and at the same time give you the sense of space that you require.


A mixture of natural light and ambient lighting can be a very good way to create a sense of space in your kitchen. Small pendant lights can make a very big difference to the way how your kitchen or dining area look and you can find many different color combination and designs of small pendant lights which will suit with your décor. Also, you can have under cabinet lighting or under the counter lighting as well. This is a very good way of creating more space.  There are pendant lighting ideas at both Home Depot and Lowes that I just love.  I bought my pendant lights from one of these stores at a very reasonable price.

Since you are not going to be working on all the areas of the kitchen at the same time, it is good to have different lighting for different areas and to be able to give the kitchen the sense of space from different angles.


There are many different kinds of appliances you find these days which have been specifically designed for your small kitchen. It is important to note that some of these appliances can be hanged on the walls or stored away on the cabinets so that your kitchen does not look very congested. Chimney range hoods are also very important part of a small kitchen, because it is important to keep the air fresh in your home, especially if you have a small house and the sitting and kitchen areas are not really defined because of space problems. There are some very practical under cabinet range hoods that can be considered very practical in a small kitchen design.

Kitchen Furniture and storage options

While furniture is something you will need to keep to the minimum on a small space, it is important to be able to have the right space for you to work and to be able to serve at the same time. There are some very good kitchen stools or bar stool options that can come under the counter and which can be a very good solution to your serving space. Kitchen stools can serve many purposes and they can be put away in case you don’t need all of them on regular basis, giving you the sense of space that you require.

Another very important and useful kitchen furniture which can help as a storage option for your small kitchen is a kitchen trolley. A kitchen trolley can be moved around whenever you need to use it and they come in different size and shapes and in different materials as well to compliment the décor of your kitchen. If most of your storage and cabinets are made of wood, then you can find a wooden trolley which will fit in perfectly and which can contain your daily requirements and which can also be stored away when you do not require it anymore.

Design and materials

You can have an L shaped kitchen which will give you the space to work and have the right space for storage and all of your appliances and you can also have the gallery kitchen style which also works very well with a kitchen design, which will have storage capacity on both sides of the walls and which will give you the opportunity to work and store things away properly.

Light colored cabinets and glass will make a big difference to the space in your kitchen, also, having a large sink can be a very good option to allow you to work better with your pots and pans and a granite countertop can give the sense of grounding to a kitchen, and with the proper lighting, a granite countertop of a dark color can actually accentuate the décor of your kitchen creating more space and giving your kitchen a very elegant feeling. Another unique kitchen backsplash idea is to have beautiful glass tiles that reflect the light around the kitchen.

Designing a kitchen is not so difficult if you are able to fit in the right combination in accordance to the space and appliances and the amount of time you spend in the kitchen.

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