Pendant Lights to Transform Your Home

Pendant lights hang down from the ceiling, just a little or a lot, depending on the type of light you choose. Every imaginable variation you could have with any type of lighting fixture is possible with pendant lighting. The size, shape and color of the shade will give the light a whole different look, and therefore give the room a new look, too. These fixtures can look retro or ultra-modern, or can have a rustic or country flair.

Quality Ceiling Lighting

Cheap interior lighting looks cheap, unfortunately. Even if you get an off-brand type of light that looks good for a while, soon the flaws will become apparent. A peeling finish, unsteadiness and something like flickering can mark a low quality light. If you go to a showroom and look at the lights available, you can usually spot the highest quality fixtures. You might have never worried about the manufacturer before, but when you’re looking for new lighting, look for some of the top brands in the industry. Hinkley lighting and Besa lighting, for example, are two of the industry leaders. If you purchase from a company like those, you can be assured you’re getting quality pendant lights.

Kitchen Lighting with Pendant Lights

A line of pendant lights illuminating a countertop or workspace can look attractive and give you the task lighting you need. These lights over a long table are also great light to dine by. Mini pendant lighting mounted beneath a high cabinet or on the ceiling is great for lighting up one specific area of countertop.

Dramatic Pendant Light Choices

A pendant light can serve as a type of spotlight, drawing attention to a sculpture, plant or other item in a room. One, single light really draws the eye and makes the spot a focal point. This is an option, as is a pendant light above seating to provide light for reading or things like sewing or writing. It’s unlikely that you’ll want pendant lights to be the only light in the room, unless you use varieties with adjustable shades that can cast the light in different directions.

From Recessed Lighting to Dramatic Pendants

Many homes now have recessed lighting fixtures, thanks to their popularity in the 80s and 90s. If you’ve considered going from can lighting to something more noticeable and dramatic, look for instant pendants, also known as no-installation pendant lighting. You don’t need DIY knowledge or tools to install them, and the change will be amazing.

You simply remove the light from the recessed fixture and screw the instant attachment into the socket. There’s a little roller bar that you turn to lengthen or shorten the pendant light. Then a ceiling base slides up the cord and stops flush with the ceiling to hide the can recession—you have instant pendant lighting with no tools or actual installation. If you get tired of the look or don’t like it, you can go back to the recessed lighting just as quickly.

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