Modernize Your Kitchen Decor Without Devastating Your Budget

If you are considering a kitchen remodel, it is extremely vital to understand that this is a major step that has significant impact upon your home’s overall market value.  In fact, such a substantial project can add anywhere from 60 to more than 100 percent of its original cost to the resale value of your house.  Before you begin a rush to demolish existing interior walls, however, you must be aware of several pertinent factors.  For starters, you need adequate knowledge of the best means of upgrading current kitchen decor to yield the best results at the lowest cost.  Obviously, you want the maximum possible return in your remodeling investment.  You must also consider many other crucial matters or major importance.  For starters, think about whether you want to affect a larger overall interior “feel” for the affected area. Perhaps you are even attempting to create more storage room.  On the other hand, your existing interior decor theme might just not feel right any longer, or became obsolete decades ago.  Determining the underlying reason for the interior decor alteration you desire is an essential starting point that facilitates future remodeling efforts greatly.

There is no time like the present to modernize your current interior kitchen decor. Never forget that if you plan to move at any time in the foreseeable future, it is best to maintain as much neutrality as possible in color schemes and fixture or component installations.  Prospective purchasers find homes more appealing if the existing interior decor scheme allows them to make a fresh start toward incorporating their individual tastes and preferences into its interior appearance.  Even more vital is deciding how you want your new kitchen to be designed. You can make a primitive sketch or maintain a constant mental image of exactly how you want the finished project to look, and its physical layout.  Try to make allowances for features of personal significance.  For instance, have you always secretly desired an island smack-dab in the middle of your cooking area? Select a model that has the right dimensions to fit within your budget and available physical space, and go from there.  Actually, kitchen islands can serve as excellent visual points.  In addition, they offer greatly increased storage and workspace capacity to any area.  Be sure that the style and construction you choose will coordinate well with the remainder of the kitchen area. If, for example, you want a contemporary look, think about one of the kitchen island models that features a unique, nontraditional design.  Do not feel locked into conventional square shapes.  Or, you might really want to create some new kitchen space to recline and relax while contemplating over a delicious cup of morning coffee or brief midday brunch.  Seriously consider the addition of an island design with a dual capacity as a seating area.

The second step is to determine the probable total your project cost. Figure out how much is available.  Next, do so research to determine whether your eyes are bigger than your pocketbook. Think about the idea of some minor changes to affect major decorating statements, rather than gutting out the whole room.  Picking the proper paint color is an excellent, cost-efficient means of lending an entirely new ambience to the whole area. Surprisingly, your kitchen is the heaviest-used space within your whole house. Therefore, making it the right color is very important. Do not be deceived.  There is no such thing as a “standard” kitchen color. Combining two mutually complimentary shades or hues can create an image of increased depth and an enhanced visual dimension to interior kitchen walls.  Give careful thought to neutral tones to facilitate contrast for countertops and cabinet surfaces.  The ultimate results can be impressive.  Or, perhaps you want to beef up the appearance of the whole kitchen by switching to a richer, deeper dominant color with neutral trim for counters and cabinets.

Overall remodeling costs can be significantly decreased by doing things like cabinetry refinishes, rather than totally replacements. As the cabinets are already in a fixed physical position, redoing the exterior veneer can save valuable time and money! Before beginning any refacing or resurfacing project, decide upon a color that goes will with the other hues already dominant throughout your kitchen decor.  Ideally, you will have already chosen your desired color of paint.  You will want to consider such colors when choosing any cabinet face replacements.  The most efficient means of completing the refacement of cabinetry is to simply re-varnish existing stained cabinet surfaces.  Another method of measuring your existing cabinetry to determine their precise size.  Then order customized doors and fronts for new drawers.  If you opt for total replacements, obtain new cabinet veneers to ensure proper color coordination.

Do you want upgraded kitchen appliances?  Or, perhaps you desire to visually obscure appliances to provide greater visibility for the rest of your kitchen decor.  Many modern appliance models are available with removable fronts to facilitate a harmonious appearance with the rest of kitchen decor

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