Modern Kitchen With A Classic Style

Home design today is far different than the way homes were designed thirty years ago. As life changes and time saving conveniences are created, the way people want to use and enjoy their kitchen living spaces will evolve to fit the latest trends.

The use of more decorative and upscale materials for the fixtures and accent pieces in a kitchen area has become something that can elevate the practical to the sublime. One example would be the larger spectrum of options one now has when choosing their kitchen sink. Gone are the limited styles of stainless steel or porcelain as the only choices for this important feature. The option for copper sinks and the fact that many new kitchens or kitchen remodels are now including a second vegetable or prep sink, will mean that the warmth of this timeless metal can add elegance to the food preparation rituals. The warmth and patina of copper can extend to the range hood and the other fittings and accessories in a well designed kitchen bringing a visual harmony to the decor.

Modern Kitchen with classic design

Command Center Kitchen

In the past, the kitchen may have been thought of as the place to cook and eat, but today’s modern kitchens are used more as the command central of most homes. The change in home design to include open and great room floor plans has made kitchens in to combination spaces. Homework is done there, the family computer is there as well as the telephone answering machine and the family calendar and bulletin board. This round the clock use of the space makes it more likely that the style and functionality of the design will be seen as a priority.

Elegant natural materials are a wise choice for both style and durability in this high traffic environment. For kitchen backsplashes and floors as well as counters, a beautiful classic material such as travertine tile can add old world elegance and warmth while keeping an eye on the practical consideration of keeping its beauty over time.

When looking to add elegance to a kitchen, there are two types of lighting to consider. Whole room lighting can be provided by more than something utilitarian, chandeliers in the style and colors of the kitchen’s decor can elevate the tone of the look and for task lighting over the kitchen island, while pendant lighting in beautiful art glass or modern clean metal styles can tie your motif together while providing valuable illumination in areas where you will need it most.

The fact that a kitchen has all of the most modern conveniences and energy efficient appliances is what makes it modern, the styling of the most cutting-edge kitchens can range from country chic to mid century retro. The most popular and comfortable choices for most centrally located kitchens today tend to be the warmer colors that will best coordinate with the other rooms that are visible from the kitchen space.

The flooring in the adjoining rooms is often the same as the kitchen and a choice such as the warm and classic travertine tile in a diagonal pattern with accent pieces can be carried through a family room or entry foyer as well. The shades that are chosen for the lighting can also carry through to the choices made for a nearby dining room. The scale of the chandelier may be increased to fit the larger dining room space, but the coordinating colors and patterns give the eye a calm and harmonious view that shows the intelligence of the design plan.

It is important to realize and take in to account the multi-use way our kitchens are seen in family life. That spacious kitchen island with the beautiful pendant lighting may have been chosen with an eye toward baking and other cooking projects, but the day to day practical consideration will see that space being used as a well-lit and warm place for homework to be done. The central location will also make it a convenient place to set up the laptop computer and search recipes or other helpful information.

The term “modern” in kitchen design refers to the space being user friendly and efficient with the appliances and conveniences that streamline use of the space for cooking, baking and and gathering. Adding durable and beautiful materials to the mix can increase the enjoyment of this vital hub of the home.   It is entirely possible to have an updated contemporary kitchen on a budget regardless of the style you choose.

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