Make Your Kitchen More Modern with Cabinet Refacing

Renovating your kitchen can be an extremely expensive endeavor because of the high costs of replacing cabinets, updated plumbing components, flooring, countertops, light fixtures, and other pieces of kitchen furniture. However, there are ways to give your kitchen an updated and modern look without spending a fortune. It will still look fabulous, and the only person who’ll know you did it cheaply is you.

Forget tearing out cabinets and replacing them, instead consider cabinet refacing. Using this process to update your cabinets can be completed by a professional, unless you are feeling adventurous, and you want to do it yourself. refacing your cabinets is fairly simple. The first step is to empty all your cabinets because this process can be extremely messy and you do not want to risk ruining your dishes. The second step is to remove all drawers, doors, hinges, and pulls. You will then prep the doors by filling in blemishes, such as pits and nail holes. This will leave you with a smooth surface to paint or stain on. Once your filler has completely dried, you will need to sand all the doors and drawers so you are left with even and smooth surfaces. After you are done sanding, wipe down all surfaces to remove all traces of sawdust and dirt. Your next step will be to apply the stain or paint color that you have picked to create modern kitchen cabinets. Once your paint or stain has dried, you will need to mark the spots where your knobs, pulls, and hinges will go. After you rehang your doors and install your refinished drawers, it will be time to install your new drawer pulls or  door knobs, which will help tie your new style together.

Many times refacing kitchens cabinets will be an inexpensive way to create a more modern kitchen; however, there are times when you will have to opt for replacements of your cabinets. Refacing your kitchen cabinets does not change your kitchen’s layout and cannot change the structural integrity of your old cabinets. Also, if your cabinets are rotted, warped, or falling apart then you may need to consider an alternate option.

Kitchen cabinet refacing has many benefits. The first benefit is economical. Refacing your kitchen cabinets is fifty percent less expensive than replacing them, so if your kitchen cabinets are structurally sound, then you can spend less by refacing them. Another benefit of cabinet refacing is that it will cause little disruption in your life. When you replace your cabinets, you kitchen will experience a great upheaval because your old cabinets will be destroyed and you will have to find somewhere else to put your food. refacing is a greener option, too, because you will stop your old cabinets from filling up the landfill. Many times cabinets are made with hazardous materials that can pollute landfills. By refacing your old cabinets, you help save the environment. Plus, after refacing your cabinets, you will end up with what looks like new cabinets. You will save time, money, and the environment when you choose kitchen cabinet refacing.

Homeowners who want to put their houses on the market will be provided with suggestions on what to do to increase their homes’ values after meeting with their realtors. If you want to sell your house, you do not want to invest a lot of money in upgrading your home’s interior. The kitchen is a major selling point, so it is extremely important that the kitchen look as modern and updated as possible. By refacing the kitchen cabinets, you can quickly and inexpensively update your home so you can get the money possible from your new buyer.

Before spending a lot of money on installing new cabinets, be sure to research the costs and benefits of refacing your existing cabinets.  You will be pleasantly surprised at how many different options you have and the amount of money you can save.

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