Kitchen Sinks – Different Things To Consider

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Most people give little thought to the type of kitchen sink that is installed in the kitchen. If a person stops and thinks about it though, more time is spent at the sink than anywhere else in the kitchen. Everything from food preparation to clean up is done at the sink. Some people prefer the sink be placed in front of a window to look out of, while others prefer to have it placed in a more neutral spot such as a kitchen island.

The first thing a kitchen sink needs to do is conform to a person’s personal choice. Everyone utilizes a kitchen sink differently so it should fulfill individual need first. A sink can range from a single compartment to several compartments. Most comes with a spray nozzle that is especially useful. Metal or porcelain sink is the first decision. It is then advisable to pick out the handles you want which also come in metal or porcelain. Choices range from plain to stylish. The sink can also make a lot of difference in the kitchen décor. With the variety of colors these days, it is simple to coordinate a color scheme.

Take range hoods for example. Range hoods are useful for lighting and ventilation so it makes a great addition to a kitchen. But if the sink matches the color of the range hood, it gives the kitchen a balanced look. Call it color coordination if you like. Range hoods, as well as kitchen sinks come in a variety of colors. There is silver and white as well as red, black and so on. The same thing holds true for kitchen appliances. They can match the kitchen sink and the range hood or have a color scheme of their own. I personally just bought a new stainless steel double sink that is deep.  I love it because I can put large pots in it to wash without me getting water everywhere because the pot didn’t fit in the sink.  Something to consider.

The flooring of the kitchen should blend in with its surroundings more than it stands out. There is an endless selection of flooring options including floor tiles. Some of the most durable, as well as attractive floor tiles are the natural look of travertine tile. The tile adds an elegant look to any kitchen.

Counter tops also come in an endless supply of material selections. The natural look of travertine tile or granite countertops makes an attractive and durable accessory to the kitchen sink. Both types of countertops are easily cleaned and blend into the over all décor of the kitchen. Both travertine tile and granite countertops are made for heavy-duty work areas. Unlike some of the other countertop options, there is no need to worry about surface nicks and cuts. There is a wide assortment of color patterns to pick from which makes the balance of the kitchen simple to accomplish. Granite countertops or travertine tile are both good choices.

If choosing the travertine floor tile there is a choice of polished, honed, brushed, or tumbled. Polished and honed are shiny, smooth, and flat. Brushed and tumbled are textured and flat. Honed seems to be the most common finish for travertine tile. Because travertine tile is a natural stone, it is reactive with acidic solutions. This needs to be kept in mind when choosing kitchen countertops and flooring. Sealers are made that will help alleviate the reaction.

When designing or remodeling a kitchen the main thing to remember is the kitchen sink is the central point or at least the place where you end up spending a lot of time, well at least I seem to.


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