Kitchen Sinks

Your kitchen is the central hub of your home; it is probably the one room that everyone gathers in. An outdated kitchen is not a pretty kitchen and one area that is highly visible is the kitchen sink. Upgrading your kitchen sink may seem like a small task, but it could make all the difference in the appearance of your kitchen. There is a kitchen sink style that fits everyone’s budget and style. If you like a big basin sink a farm house sink may be the style that you should consider. Farm house sinks are often not split down the middle, so there is only one large space. Farm house sinks are often deep set sinks that have often have an “apron front” this means that the front of the sink actually comes out in front of the cabinet or housing that it sits in. Farmhouse sinks can be made from many materials to include copper or marble. They can be etched or engraved on the “apron” to add to your kitchen decor.

Another type of sink is a copper sink. They come in many shapes, sizes and colors. These sinks can be painted or can even be polished or left with a rough look. Copper sinks can either be split down the middle to create two sides or can also be one big basin sink. Copper sinks are not hard to take care of, they will over time begin to show a patina, a change in color but this only adds to the beauty of a copper sink. Copper sinks can be installed in an under mount fashion where it looks seamless or a drop in fashion, where you can see what the edge of the sink looks like. Most sinks can be installed either way, but there are some that are drop in or under mount specific.

Ceramic sinks are also popular in upgraded kitchens, they are available in many different colors to include black, white, blue and red, there are even ceramic sinks that are painted in a decorative manner to match your kitchen decor. Consider any kitchen backsplash ideas when thinking about upgrading your kitchen sinks.  You certainly want to have the colors compliment each other.  Ceramic sinks are durable and easy to maintain, they are scratch resistant as well as heat resistant. It does not take a lot to clean a ceramic sink; simply spraying it with cleaner and wiping it down will usually do the trick. Like most other styles of sinks ceramic sinks this kitchen sink installation can be mounted either in as an under mount or as a drop in, there are even ceramic sinks that are called vessel sinks. These sinks resemble a large bowl that sits on top of your counter.

Stainless steel sinks are the more traditional sinks that people have in their homes, they are as easy to maintain as they are functional. Stainless steel sinks often come in double bowl styles, two sides to the sink. There is even triple bowl styles that have three bowls in them, this can allow for a space just for a garbage disposal or vegetable washing station. They can come as an under mount sink which means that you would not see the edges of the sink around your counter top. Drop in styles are just that, you can see the edges of the sink on top of the counter. These kitchen sink installation processes are both attractive styles.

There are so many options for kitchen sinks when it comes to choosing one for your remodel, it can be an exciting and stressful time, just remember to think practically when you choose your sink, are you going to want to bowls or one, under mount or drop in? By learning a little more about the type of appliances and sink you want in your kitchen you can begin your updating stress free.

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