Kitchen Remodeling On A Budget

According to most real estate agents, the two rooms that provide the most return on “sweat equity” are the kitchen and bathroom. When buyers look at a prospective house to purchase, it is these areas that are targeted and thus will provide the most value when renovations are done.

If you are attempting kitchen remodeling on a budget, there are a number of very inexpensive ways to dress up that tired look and give your room some additional ambiance. A great example of this is a fresh coat of paint or perhaps some pendant lights. These are easy to install and can be done by the homeowner with just some basic electrical knowledge.

For those people on the high end, a great permanent addition is putting in granite counter tops. These are highly durable, attractive and blend well with the chosen décor. The permanence of this stone make them highly unlikely to be changed too often, so this is considered a once in a lifetime expense. The kitchen will often be remodeled around this feature rather than the other way around.

Other accent pieces that go well with granite countertops are kitchen stools. These blend right in and are a great choice for kitchen remodeling on a budget. Kids quickly hop up for after school snacks, while adults love the easy access for social occasions. They are available in a variety of heights, finishes and styles, putting the finishing touches on that small breakfast nook or sandwich preparation area.

Many people are happy with their current appliances, so they simply install new range hoods in order to dress up this zone. Installing a new fan can not only make the entire system appear more attractive, but it is likely more energy efficient as well, which save money in the long run. This may help to pay for the improvements being considered, or can be used simply as a way to change the décor.

A great example of the new way of thinking about this room is the kitchen trolley. Many homeowners have made this a permanent addition to their space and consider this invaluable for the many duties that it can perform. A kitchen trolley can be a great way to conserve space and still be functional at the same time. It will help any homemaker become more organized and efficient.

If you are thinking about kitchen remodeling on a budget, then it is imperative that the wish list of items be prioritized according to need and cost. This will keep the project under control and avoid the kind of overspending that gets many people in trouble. Stay within the project amount of money to be spent and this kind of situation can be avoided entirely. Unless somebody in the house is handy with tools, most of the expenses will be for labor. You should figure at least 50% of the total bill will consist of this type of action.

One good way of increasing the number of items for you dream room is to have anyone in the family who is handy with tools do some of the installation for you. For example, hanging pendant lights is not a huge chore and may pay for the new range hoods if labor can be omitted from the bill. Likewise, doing your own painting can help defray the amount ticketed for new bar stools. Just take a serious look at what the expenditures are going to be and decide what can actually be done by members of the immediate family.

Of course, you will have to shell out for professionals in the case of the granite countertops, but if you are serious about kitchen remodeling on a budget, this expense may be ditched in favor of less expensive laminate types. It depends on how much money there is to spend on this project. Also you can replace your kitchen backsplash yourself without too much extra expense.

A handmade kitchen trolley would be great addition to your kitchen furniture, but if there is one that can be assembled for a lesser price, it should be considered before buying this unit.

All of this depends on the homeowner and what makes up their budget. The wise choice is to take time to make the list and evaluate it properly to see what is affordable at this time. Of course, this can also be done in installments, but this too should be checked to see what is within the family means.

Kitchen remodeling should be an exciting time. A well prepared family will get the dream room that they have wanted for a long time.

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