Kitchen Islands That Look Like Furniture

An excellent way to remodel a kitchen is to install kitchen islands that look like furniture. These provide adequate space for sharing the kitchen and blend in perfectly with the overall home décor. Numerous designs for unique kitchens are available today from block shapes to L- or U-shapes that can fit any kind of kitchen space.

The basic type of kitchen island resembles a table, having a flat top for preparing food, a sink and storage space underneath it. Modern islands, on the other hand, can be as elaborate as the homeowner wants them to be. An all-in-one kitchen island comes with serving and eating space, a wine rack and additional sinks, as well as different level surfaces to maximize on efficiency. These are also good for entertaining guests because of the extra surfaces, so make certain that the island is placed in the best position for everyone.

When looking for a kitchen island to match the home furniture, consider the colors of the countertop and cabinets at the bottom. Countertops are usually made from marble, which supplies elegant colors and designs that can match all kinds of furniture. For example, if the general décor of the home is vintage or rustic, a brown or red marble countertop for a kitchen island is ideal. For a more modern design of home with plenty of white, silver or black, a white marble countertop streaked with silver is best.

As for the cabinets, most kitchen furniture designs are simple and wooden. Kitchen islands that blend in with furniture often have more creative aspects to them. A furniture type of kitchen cabinets can be set on legs similar to couches or have elaborate hand carved surfaces for vintage furniture types. Do select a kitchen island that comes with bar stools that match the seats in the home. More space in the kitchen is required to accommodate these stools particularly when family members or guests occupy them.

Painted wooden cabinets are also an alternative to getting a kitchen island. These are painted to match the different natural colors of woods from light brown to deep red. Painting also encourages a greater variety of colors such that one can have a kitchen island in green, blue, white or black, depending on the rest of the kitchen’s theme.

The kind of lighting on the kitchen island will affect how well it merges the entire room. Contemporary light fixtures are available for overhead lighting, which is essential not only for cooking processes but also for highlighting the beauty of the kitchen island. Keep the lights a good distance from the surface and not directly above the stoves due to steam and heat.

Finally, do consider the practical aspects of the kitchen island, too. It may be the finest looking piece of furniture, but it must also house all the kitchen appliances appropriately. A kitchen island often comes with additional equipment like ovens or a dishwasher. Ensure that the surfaces on the kitchen islands that look like furniture are easy to clean and maintain over time.

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