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If you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen it’s important to realize that this could be a big step in adding value to your home. Kitchen remodels can give a 60% to over 100% ROI, or Return on Investment. But before you start knocking down walls there are several things you need to know first. Knowing how to upgrade your kitchen décor and get the most out of your time and money are extremely important. There are some important questions to ask yourself as well. Do you want the room to feel bigger? Maybe you need more room for storage? Or maybe the décor is just not your cup of tea. Deciding why you want to change the décor, will help make the process much easier.

Now it’s time to upgrade your kitchen décor. Always keep in mind that if this is not your dream home, you’ll want to keep the décor as neutral as you possibly can. This is because if you decide to sell your home in the future a potential buyer will want to see a blank slate as opposed to lots of personal style and décor that may need changing to suit their tastes. Most importantly, map out the design you want for your new kitchen. You can do this on paper or keep a strong visual in your mind’s eye. Try to work around what is important to you, like have you always wanted an island in the kitchen? Plan one that is the right size for your space and work from there. Adding a kitchen island can be a great focal point and a wonderful time to add a piece of unique kitchen furniture. It also adds storage and workspace to any kitchen. Make sure it is something that is going to compliment the rest of your room. For instance, if you are going with a contemporary design, you might want to consider looking for a kitchen island with an offbeat design, don’t feel like you are stuck with the standard rectangular shape. Maybe you really want a place in the kitchen where you can sit and have a cup of coffee or a quick lunch. Consider adding a kitchen island that can double as a seating area.

Next you should create a budget for your project. How much can you spend? Are your ideas going to cost you more than you can afford? Consider making a few changes that make a statement instead of completely gutting the room. Choosing the right paint colors is a great way to give a room a whole new feeling with a small price tag. The kitchen is normally the most used space in a home so choosing the right color is important. Don’t feel like you have to just pick one color. Matching two complimentary paint colors is a great way to add depth and dimension to your walls. You may want to go with neutral colors and let the cabinets and counter tops stand out. Or maybe you want to spice up the look of the entire room by changing to a deep, rich color with neutral cabinetry and counter tops.

You can cut your budget by doing some cabinet re-facing instead of completely replacing them. And since you the cabinets are already installed, choosing to reface them instead of replace them can save time! Before you start re-facing your cabinets you need to pick a color that will match the rest of your décor. By now you should have selected your paint colors. You are going to want to keep these colors in mind when you pick out your new cabinet faces. The easy way to accomplish cabinet re-facing would be to repaint or re-stain the ones that you already have. Another option is to measure the cabinets you have and order new doors and drawer fronts. If you are replacing them, you may need to get veneers for the cabinet base so that the color will match.

Are you planning to update your appliances? Do you want your appliances hidden from view so the rest of your décor can stand out? Some appliances now come with a changeable front panel, so they can blend into the rest of the décor and with cabinets, etc. If you are planning to try this type of decor, you will want to keep your panel choices in mind when you are choosing your new cabinet fronts. As long as you are going to be updating your cabinets you might as well update your kitchen backsplash to something new and fresh.

Lastly, you’ll work on lighting. Pendant lighting can provide an updated look and is a great way to give an eating area a feel of intimacy in a larger kitchen. And since pendant lighting comes in an array of colors and styles, you will have no problem finding the right fixtures to go with any décor. You should spend a little extra time and money and use LED lighting for the kitchen because it lasts about 30 times longer than standard incandescent bulbs and LED lights emit more light per watt. Also they contain no mercury and produce less carbon so using LED lighting for the kitchen is the green choice. You will also recuperate the cost over time on your electric bills.

Whatever design choices you decide to go with, make sure you like them. This is not a project you are going to want to do every couple of years. Enjoy your new kitchen!

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