Kitchen Cabinet Re-facing

Kitchen remodeling doesn’t have to be as drastic as ripping out kitchen cupboards and replacing them with newer models. Your new kitchen can be beautifully installed with kitchen cabinet re-facing. Kitchen cabinet re-facing is an inexpensive way of getting a new cabinet look without putting in new kitchen cupboards. The kitchen cupboards already existing in your kitchen are covered with a Formica layer of your choice of wood and stain. Kitchen cupboards that are refaced have all the look of new cabinets without the expense of tearing up floorboards and installing new linoleum.

Upgrading your kitchen is a good idea if you are planning to sell your house and would like your kitchen to look modern and new. While you are doing the kitchen cupboards refacing, you might also decide to change your kitchen lighting. If you have the sixties track lighting, you might choose to replace that with a newer drop lighting fixture or add a hanging pendant lighting fixture over your kitchen table. If your kitchen table is in a separate dinette area a pendant lighting fixture can be added with Tiffany colored glass bulb enclosure or other glass enclosure to match your newly refaced cupboards.

A big part of kitchen cabinet re-facing involves adding another expense to your kitchen remodeling budget. Your kitchen counter or counters may not be able to be refaced or covered and might need to be taken out and replaced with new counters. The Formica counter tops are available in all colors and patterns but you might decide to go with the granite colors that compliment your kitchen cabinet and wall colors to give your kitchen that expensive quarry stone look. A grey Formica counter on top of white ash kitchen cabinet re-facing is just one possibility in planning your upgrading your kitchen.

Kitchen remodeling doesn’t have to be as huge an expense as one might think. By re-facing kitchen cupboards you are saving almost half if not more of what pulling out and replacing your cabinets would cost. Think of it this way, by refacing your cabinets, your are updating an old piece of kitchen furniture and making it sparkle and shine.  By using corresponding granite colors you can give your kitchen an expensive look of stone with Formica. Replacing your old kitchen backsplash is another way to upgrade your kitchen.  Adding an attractive pendant lighting on top of your dinette table can capture the charm of your new kitchen with serious consideration given to the type of pendant lighting. Some people prefer a kitchen fan with fancy glass fixtures that gives your kitchen both cooling features and light at the same time.
When planning your next kitchen remodeling project consider what motif you would like expressed in your kitchen decor. Your kitchen remodeling project doesn’t only involve kitchen cupboards refacing and changing light fixtures and choosing counter top colors, but, also involves a careful look at your walls and floor.

Those two very important parts of your kitchen could make or break your kitchen remodeling project. Always leave enough in your budget to allow for replacing of old, torn wallpaper and weathered, smudged and gutted flooring. Imagine brand new refaced cupboards with granite colors on your counters and Tiffany styled pendant lighting lamps being surrounded by faded wallpaper or aged paint and gouged linoleum. Many new kitchens today are going in for the bare walls look in textured or washable paint. Even if you currently have wallpaper, getting the wallpaper ripped out and the walls stripped and sanded for a fine coat of fresh paint should be a real consideration in your kitchen remodeling plans.

Your kitchen floor is usually the last process in kitchen remodeling. There are as many types of flooring available for kitchens as there are color choices in Formica refacing options. Your new linoleum floor can be an expensive thick linoleum or an inexpensive one. Your contractor will have many styles, colors and price ranges for you to choose. You may decide to strip your old linoleum and have it re waxed. If your floor is salvageable and won’t detract from the rest of your kitchen remodeling features that is another way to save money. Another option in kitchen floors are the wood floors that are water and stain resistant and very posh to say the least. Some kitchen floors can be done in stone squares that might not be all that expensive if compared to a comparable quality linoleum flooring. Ceramic tile floors or stone floors stand the test of time. Just make sure you are happy with the color of the tile before installing it. I have a neutral color ceramic tile so changing wall colors, even cabinet colors doesn’t involve me having to change the floor tile when I want to update my kitchen look.

The main idea in planning your next kitchen remodeling project is to have a look whether modern or country, casual or elegant and to take in all parts of your kitchen to give it a complete look of freshness and individuality.

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