How to Remodel your Kitchen with your Appliances in Mind

modern appliancesWhen planning a kitchen remodel, you’ve got to decide whether or not to keep your current appliances. Most homeowners can’t wait to see their squeaky clothes washer and leaky refrigerator hit the curb when they decide to remodel. However, if you recently moved and brought newer, beloved appliances with you to an outdated kitchen, you may want to keep them. Or, you may have bought new appliances in recent years out of necessity when kitchen remodeling was not an option and they’re still in good condition.

So, let’s approach this from two different perspectives.

Designing your Kitchen Remodel Around your Existing Appliances

  • You’re options are limited here, but at least you’re working with appliances you really like. Now, you’ll want to choose the rest of your elements to match both the style and functionality of the appliances.
  • In terms of style, if your refrigerator and range are stainless steel, then retro and contemporary styles make the most sense. If you choose a retro 40’s look, why not go with stainless steel subway tiles for a backsplash and stainless steel or tile countertops? If it’s a modern kitchen you want, then recycled glass, solid surface, granite, concrete, lava and quartz countertops should be on the list for consideration. Cabinets, flooring, lighting, fixtures, wall colors and accessories will follow suit in terms of style.
  • White, black and almond/bisque/off-white appliances each have styles they go best with. Peruse your favorite kitchen magazines and websites looking for appliances the color of yours. Taking note of the kitchen styles they go well with will get your creative kernels popping, and you’ll soon have great ideas for building your new kitchen around your existing appliances.

Designing your Kitchen Remodeling with a Clean Slate

  • When you’re replacing appliances, you’ve got far more choices. Some will find this overwhelming. Breathe deep. Take your time and do plenty of browsing. The more kitchens you get your eyes on, the easier it will be for you identify styles, colors, elements and accessories that reflect your tastes and what you want in your remodeled kitchen.
  • Begin by deciding what types what appliances fit the way you like to work in your kitchen. Ranges work with any style; cooktops tend to be more contemporary. Wall ovens lend themselves to traditional, country and contemporary design. A range with a built-in microwave has a contemporary look. Grills are traditional and country. Wine coolers deliver a contemporary flare. Built-in refrigerators usually have a very traditional appearance or one that is quite contemporary, based on the panel or finish that is used. Dishwashers…are dishwashers, and you’ll find the right one for your kitchen once the more important appliances are determined.
  • When you’ve decided how you want to store food and beverages and prepare meals in your kitchen, you will have a much clearer idea of the style to pursue using the guidelines above. If you plan a built-in fridge, a gas range with a grill alongside a wall-mounted oven and bread warmer, you’ve got the makings of a fantastic traditional, country, Old World or Mediterranean kitchen.
  • If you’re going with matching stainless steel refrigerator and freezer, an under-counter wine cooler and a range with a built-in microwave/convection oven, then you’re a contemporary guy or gal. If you’re in love with the color bisque, then traditional and country styles are “you.”

Building Out your Kitchen Plans

  • Once you have decided on the appliances and finishes you plan to use, then you can start to build out the rest of your kitchen based on the styles that work well with them. You’ve just narrowed your options, and this will make the rest of the selection process easier. You’ll enjoy it more too, because your ideal kitchen will be taking shape in your mind’s eye and soon in the appliances and other elements you’re physically bringing together.
  • Look for cabinets, countertops, flooring, plumbing fixtures and lighting fixtures, backsplashes and accessories that fit the design scheme you’ve chosen.

This is how to remodel your kitchen with your appliances in mind. It’s not the way everyone does it, but it is a popular approach with those who love to cook and care deeply about the appliances they use every day. For further information about appliances check out

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