Here Are Some Small Kitchen Remodel Ideas

The kitchen is the heart of many homes. It is more than just a place to prepare food; it is where the family gathers. Games are played, bills are paid, and important conversations take place in the kitchen. This is just as true in a small kitchen as it is in large ones. In creating your design for remodeling, unique kitchens should encompass not just function but also feeling. When remodeling your kitchen, weather it is large or small, it is best to keep in mind how many different roles this space serves. Small kitchens can be more challenging in the designing stage, but they are usually much less expensive and take less time to remodel. Here are a few small kitchen remodel ideas to make the most of your space.

One of the basic concepts to keep in mind when designing a kitchen of any size is the kitchen triangle; the triangle made between the sink, the stove, and the refrigerator.  These should be placed so it is easy to move between the three of them, to make time and movement as efficient as possible. The size of these appliances should also be considered carefully. Large farmhouse sinks are a complete waste of space. Even a double sink might take up to much precious counter-top area; instead consider a single sink with a garbage disposal and sprayer attachment.  This will give your kitchen a sleek, modern look.  A small dishwasher will free up room for more storage space and instead of a large side by side fridge, consider a scaled down version. When designing your own kitchen it is important to consider your specific needs. After all, it is your kitchen and it only needs to work for you.

The lighting in a small kitchen is very important. It is very easy to create unintended shadows that hamper the preparation of meals, or kitchen clean up. Under cabinet lights are lifesavers, making things much easier to see for the chef. Florescent lighting should be avoided as much as possible, as that can be too intense, and evoke the feelings of an interrogation room.  Instead, choose light colored paint, cabinets, and counter-tops. These surfaces reflect the light from the fixtures and help to keep things bright.  Dark colors can have the unintended consequence of making the space feel claustrophobic.  Small, bright, pendants can produce the perfect effect.  The trick is to keep everything to scale, to try to give it a feeling of space.

When designing the cabinets it is very important to think outside of the box. Determine your storage needs and see if you can utilize space in other areas.  It might be possible to turn a nearby hall closet into a walk-in pantry that can hold your canned goods, or be storage for foods that need it cool and dark without being refrigerated. If it will not overwhelm the space, cabinets that extend to the top of the ceiling can really improve storage. Installing lazy-susans and pull-out shelves will help to maximize every inch of space in your small kitchen.  It will seem counter-intuitive, but kitchen tile ideas for small spaces should include large tiles, not small. The larger tiles will make the space seem larger, rather than smaller.  Hopefully, these small kitchen remodel ideas will help you create the perfect space for your family.

Small Kitchen Design

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