Facelifts for Your Kitchen Cabinets is a Perfect Way to Add Value to Your Home

A kitchen remodeling job could be an expensive task after the costs for everything have been considered, such as modern kitchen furniture, plumbing fixtures, light fixtures, flooring, countertops, and cabinets.  If you can keep a secret, the truth is there are different options that will allow you to update your kitchen’s look to a modern style without emptying all your pockets.

Cabinet resurfacing can be done cheaper than replacing and tearing out existing  kitchen cabinets.  This can be done in a few easy steps if you are handy with an adventurous side, or hiring a professional capable of this process can get your cabinets updated as well.  Emptying the cabinets is step number one; this will reduce the risk of breaking any while keeping them clean from materials and supplies necessary to complete the messy task you are tackling.  After that step, the pulls, handles, and hinges need to be removed, taking out drawers and doors as well.  A smooth surface is the best for the resurfacing and you can accomplish this by filling in defects, pits, or any nail holes in the doors as you prepare them for the treatment.  An even, smooth surface is what you are trying to obtain, so after drying time for the filler you will be completely sanding the drawers and doors until smooth to the touch.  After sanding, for the best finish results all the sawdust, dirt or any other particles should be wiped off every inch of surface.  With all of it clean and smooth, next you will apply a coat of stain or paint which you have chosen to complete the modern look desired for your kitchen cabinets.  Allowing ample drying time, next you will need to put it all back together, lightly marking hinge positions and such will make this task easier.  To put the finishing touches on your new look, after the drawers are reinstalled and the doors have been rehung, you can decide if you want or need a new style of pulls for the drawers, or knobs for the doors.

Although resurfacing the cabinets in your kitchen is an affordable way to convert your kitchen into a contemporary masterpiece, some situations only have the option to replace cabinets, these include cabinets that are or have drawer and doors which are warped, falling apart, or rotting away.  The structural integrity or the layout design including the cabinet’s positions in your kitchen will not be improved by the process of resurfacing.

Contrary to that, resurfacing done on the cabinets in your kitchen does supply several benefits.  A benefit for anyone or everyone and high of the list of positive points in resurfacing is the advantage you will have economically.  Cabinet replacements cost twice as much as having them resurfaced.  Providing your cabinets still maintain a sound structure, you can save your money giving those cabinets a facelift as you make them look young again.  Additionally, your life as the homeowner will suffer a greatly lowered level of disruption stemming from the cabinet’s facelift versus the replacement process which has the potential of causing mass kitchen destruction and sending you in search of other places for your food and meals.

Additionally you will assist in leaving behind a better world, as resurfacing eliminates the trash heaps from rising with tossed out cabinets creating an environment that is eco-friendly while also possibly benefiting our landfills and world as it is not uncommon to find hazardous chemicals in the makeup of old cabinets, thus saving landfills from that pollution.  Creating a contemporary kitchen or designing your modern dream kitchen through improving your existing kitchen is easily obtainable with the variety of cabinet finishes and other possibilities too numerous to mention.  Choosing to resurface your kitchen cabinets will save the environment, save you some money, save you some time, and having the end result of cabinets with a brand new look.

Besides simply improving your kitchen for yourself, resurfacing your kitchen cabinets is a great option if selling your house is in your future plans.  Key selling points include the kitchen, if yours is outdated or old you can increase the value of your home through giving your kitchen a more modern look.  Of course, no one wants to spend a lot of money just to sell their house, so getting the most out of the market can be done inexpensively through resurfacing your kitchen cabinets.

If you are still unsure, you will be pleasantly surprised with the numerous options available that will not send you to the poor house yet will improve your home’s value and look drastically, your search begins here.

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