Chandeliers For Your Kitchen

The Classic Look of Chandeliers

If you want lighting in your home that doesn’t just brighten an area but really adds something special to the décor, look at the many styles and sizes of chandeliers available today. When you think of a chandelier, you probably think of movies set in a bygone age and huge ballrooms with multi-tiered, crystal chandeliers hanging over the top of it all. But these lovely light fixtures aren’t just décor for cruise ships, fancy restaurants or mansions. They can fit into your home, in almost any room. They make excellent kitchen lighting and can look stunning in a formal dining room, as well.

All Chandeliers aren’t Huge and Ornate

The first thing to do is to forget what you know about chandeliers, and have a look at a quality showroom or an online store. You’ll probably be amazed at the selection. The most common chandeliers found in standard homes aren’t the ones you picture from Gone with the Wind or other media. They’re functional, beautiful and perfectly fit into the homeowner’s design of the room.

Pendant lights are also a popular option and are sometimes called chandeliers, but there’s a difference. A pendant light is a single drop light suspended by a cord or chain and there are some pendant lighting ideas that have clusters of lights attached at a base that attaches to the ceiling that offer a beautiful look also.  A chandelier might be suspended the same way, but it will have branches and at least a few lights. Chandeliers often hang down from a metal suspension rather than a cord, as well, because of added weight.

Styles of Chandeliers

For rustic lighting in a rustic or country décor, a chandelier is ideal. An iron-look frame with plenty of lights can give the fixture that old-world, lodge feeling. Because chandeliers were more popular before electricity was common when they held candles instead of bulbs and when it was first electricity was first becoming easily accessible, the style and the rustic look complement each other perfectly.

Important Design Considerations for Your Chandelier

Aside from choosing a fixture you find beautiful, you’ll want to carefully consider how you use the room. Don’t forget the process of cleaning the chandelier and whether or not you’ll need extra lighting. Mini chandeliers for your kitchen are a lovely way to add ambient light and decorative accents, but for task lighting over a counter you might consider a row of pendant lights instead.

A beautiful chandelier designed for the style to offer mood lighting might serve as the only overhead lighting in a dining room, but would be far from enough to light a busy kitchen. Kitchen chandeliers also must be easy to clean, thanks to grease and steam from cooking, while one used in a sitting room won’t need nearly as much maintenance. And don’t forget headroom. Aim for at least 7 feet of clearance beneath the lowest-hanging part.

Consider all these options plus your own personal style to end up with a chandelier that looks like it was designed especially for your home.

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