Cabinet Refacing An Affordable and Faster Method

Cabinet refacing means modifying or replacing the parts of a cabinet. In the process, the drawer fronts, doors, knobs, exterior surfaces and hardware of a cabinet are refaced keeping the cabinet structure intact. With cabinets mostly found in a kitchen, kitchen cabinet refacing is an ideal means to transform the overall look of kitchen furniture and interior.  It is also considered an affordable and easy solution as compared to cabinet replacement. Kitchen cabinets are highly customizable furniture items that offer beauty to the heart of a kitchen. Now, there is a range of modern kitchen cabinets to suit both traditional and contemporary kitchen, available in the market.


The process of cabinet refacing requires good knowledge and craftsmanship to attain the desired effect to a kitchen.

Cleaning the cabinets – The cabinets before refacing needs to be cleaned thoroughly and made dirt free. It would be ideal to remove the doors and other exterior parts like hinges and handles of the cupboard and then clean them. Depending on the surface material of the cupboard, a suitable cleaning solution or agent can be used to remove any old paint or oil grease.

Sanding the cabinets – It is essential to scrub the cupboards with sandpaper in order to remove the remaining scraps or stains that the cleaning agent could not clean. The perfect means would be to use fine grade sandpaper, as coarse types would leave a rough surface if too much pressure is used in the cleaning process.

Refacing – Following proper cleaning, cabinets can then be refaced by staining or re-painting them. Besides this, the other modern refacing methods include, use of veneers, vinyl papers, laminates or thermocoil. Wood veneers provide a natural wooden appearance when used to cover the outer surface of a cupboard. Most veneers are available as stick, iron, or peel on types. Similarly, wood veneer in different colors to complement the existing kitchen interiors also exists. The other commonly used type is the self-adhesive veneer sheets that can be directly applied on the cabinets. These resemble real wood and are quite durable in nature.

Vinyl paper is another widely used method on flat surfaces. These are printed papers with sticky surface that come in varieties of prints and colors to suit all needs.  These are sold in rolls and can be easily put on the cabinets. Additionally, laminates of different types like wood, plastic, metal etc also help in giving a new appearance to the cabinets.  Although, this is an inexpensive means, it however does not provide a very clean and professional look.

Thermocoil is the newest and best alternative that helps to give a new and enriched look to a kitchen. Although similar to laminate or wood veneers, thermocoil comes with an adhesive backing that provides a metallic or marble effect. Besides, it is also available in a range of bright and vibrant color choices. These are quite durable and require less maintenance.


The primary advantage of refacing is that it involves less investment than purchasing new cabinets. A considerable amount of money can be saved in renovating the cupboards as they are already fixed and operational. It is a relatively easier and faster method. The work can be completed in a short period of time. While major overhaul works will require more time and make the kitchen unusable for long. Another key benefit of this method is the works are dust and mess free. It helps to provide a natural and fresh look to the kitchen avoiding the doubts or fears in fixing new cabinets.  It can thus be regarded that cabinet refacing is a robust and long lasting solution to remodel outdated or old kitchen cabinets and thereby give an appealing and elegant look to a kitchen.

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