Buying Guide For Kitchen Tiles

Kitchen tiles can transform a room, whether they’re floor tiles or kitchen backsplash tiles. Tiled countertops even give a kitchen a distinctive look. It’s important to carefully choose the type of tile that you’re going to use so that it works with the way you use your kitchen.

Stone Floor Tiles
If you have your heart set on granite or travertine tile for the floor, you need to realize that you’ll have to keep the floor meticulously clean to keep it looking good. You’ll probably also want to use a stone sealer on this and other surfaces like slate tile. This will keep spilled liquids and dirt from soaking into the pores of the stone.

Stone on the floor or marble and granite countertops are high-end, expensive choices. Yes, they’re beautiful, but they can be labor intensive to keep looking good. And in a busy kitchen where meals are cooked daily, especially in a household with kids, the tile might start to show some stains and wear quicker than you might like. If you have a vinyl tile floor and a tile is damaged, it’s not that expensive or difficult to peel that tile up and put a new one in its place. Fixing a stone floor can cost quite a bit.

If you do want to install stone floor tiles with something like travertine tile, remember that stone is a natural quarried material and not man-made. No two tiles will be exactly alike. You should have all the tiles laid in place where they’ll be installed and make sure that the natural variations look good that way, and that no pattern emerges that you didn’t intend or don’t like.

Stone Backsplash Tiles
Marble or granite countertops just scream elegance. But if you spill orange juice or vinegar on them, you might be the one doing the screaming. Acidic foods can leaves marks on the stone that won’t come out. And despite their toughness, stone countertops can be cracked, chipped and broken. People use them and they’re beautiful, but you need to be aware of the extra care and precautions you’ll have to take to keep them in good shape.

Ceramic and Porcelain Tile
These types of tile look good in every kitchen, but some people don’t care for the look outside a tiled bathroom. You have a variety of colors to choose from and the tiles are glazed so they won’t stain easily. The grout, however, can stain so you’ll still need to clean the floor extra thoroughly. This is a sturdy floor but it can chip and break, too. It’s not nearly as expensive as stone, but costs more than something like vinyl tile.

Vinyl Kitchen Tiles
This is the go-to, stand-by choice. It’s the least expensive and the easiest to install, and comes in the widest variety of colors and styles. The real beauty of vinyl tile is that you can get it to mimic parquet, stone or even ceramic tile for a fraction of the cost.

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