Best Kitchen Lighting Ideas

Kitchens are not just places to cook meals. It is also a place where the family gathers to eat, so it should be decorated in an attractive fashion. People spend a lot of time in the kitchen, so the area needs to be properly lit for safety and convenience while cooking. Too much light is unnecessary, but there should be just enough to create an attractive and pleasant atmosphere. Listed below are some of the best kitchen lighting ideas and varieties that can be used in every kitchen.

Functional Lights

Functional lighting is made for one purpose: function. These lights do not have any special designs or styles. It usually comprises of a single or multiple bulbs to brighten up the area. This kind of lighting is the most useful, but it does not look very nice. Some examples include halogen bulbs, recessed lights, and fluorescent.

Decorative Lighting

Decorative lights are more expensive than the functional type, but they are also far more attractive. These lights are mainly meant for ornamental use, but it can also be bright enough to provide adequate lighting to the kitchen if there are enough of them. Modern lighting, cascading bulbs, and pendant lights are some popular examples. Instead of having a single bulb, this style incorporates multiple bulbs with an external fixture or frame. The fixture can be made from nickel, pewter, colored glass, or wrought iron to create an attractive affect.

Ceiling Lights

The ceiling is one of the most important areas for lighting in the kitchen. You can use functional styles for this area, although contemporary lighting can also suit your kitchen if the house has a modern style. The color of the lights plays a big role in setting the mood of the area, so choose carefully. White is the brightest choice, but it tends to create a harsh and industrial environment. Colored varieties look good in some areas, but it often does not provide enough light for cooking. Yellow lights are one of the best options because it creates a warm and bright atmosphere.

You should always plan the lighting for your kitchen before installing it in your house. A large amount of bulbs may look good, but it can also cause your electricity bill to drastically increase. When deciding how many lights to put in your kitchen, factor in the size of the room and your needs for brightness while cooking and eating.

Some areas will require more light than others will. You should pay special attention to the countertop, stove, sink, and eating table. These areas should have fixtures directly above them so people can see what they are doing while eating or working. If the area is not bright enough, it can be dangerous to cook because you cannot see what you are doing. Every home has a different style for decoration, so use the best kitchen lighting ideas that match the design of your house. There are hundreds of different fixtures and bulbs available, so there is something to suit every theme.

Kitchen Lighting

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