A New Look For Your Kitchen Even On A Tight Budget

Little changes, without costing an arm and a leg, throughout your kitchen can help you update its appearance and make the room look new. Complete kitchen renovation is way too costly in most cases. Following these budget conscious tips for a stylish renovated kitchen you will love and be proud to show off.

Appliance paint can be found in your local big box store in a variety of current fashionable colors and finishes. The hardest part of any of these types of projects in updating your appliances with paint is removing hardware and covering the parts you don’t want to change is covering them with painters tape. Make sure you get the tape secure against the edges of the areas you don’t want painted. However, painting them is fairly simple and you will be pleasantly surprised at how good your old appliances look.

Replacing old, stained burners with new shiny ones is a super easy and inexpensive improvement.   Use heavy-duty glass cleaner or even some type of oven cleaner to clean badly stained glass on your oven. A little fresh appliance paint, cleaned up burners and clean oven glass can go a long way to improving that area of your kitchen.

You can find a great selection of hardware for your cabinet faces that will change the appearance of your kitchen. Trying to decide on which hardware is probably the hardest part, well at least it was for me. Outdated hardware, can make your entire kitchen look dated. Take your old hardware with you when you do go shopping ( I actually leave one in my car just in case I find somewhere interesting to stop and look for handles); make sure you find new cabinet fixtures will fit the current cabinet holes. That way the new handles, knobs and pulls are easily attached.

Task lighting for under your cabinets can puts the spotlight on your beautiful countertop. It also has a nice glow when you turn off the main kitchen light.

You should consider changing what is probably not very flattering overhead lighting in your kitchen. I know mine was horrible it was fluorescent lighting and it was way too harsh. I changed mine to recessed lighting Recessed Lighting For Your Kitchenand also added some trendy pendant lights, one over the sink and a set over the bar area. Or if you ceiling height will permit perhaps some sort of an elegant chandelier style light designed specifically for the kitchen would be in order.
While curtains can change the entire look of a room, I prefer some sort of blinds that I can open all the way or just partially to filter the light. Curtains in the kitchen just get too dirty and smell like food all the time. Imagine burning something on the stove and the smell sits in your kitchen curtains for days. No thank you.

I know there is paint available for your kitchen faucets and other kitchen fixtures if you don’t want to replace them all together, but I have found some really nice fixtures that are affordable and most of them are updated to be eco friendly. This simple step will update your kitchen quickly.New kitchen faucet
Even though kitchens do not normally have a large amount of open floor space, I like a small rug or two to solidify the style of my kitchen. For example an elegant simplistic look, place a hardwood or bamboo looking mat on your kitchen floor. Or if you need some color in your kitchen a brightly colored and/or patterned rugs can add some much needed interest to a room that does not have much color. Finding colors that all work together in your kitchen pull the room together. Make sure your rugs are washable so you can toss them in the machine if you spill anything on them.

Updating your kitchen does not always require a lot of money. Mainly a little time, some effort on your part and a nice updated style can improve the look of your kitchen with very little expense.

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